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2018 Woodyfest Songwriting Contest 2nd Place winner for the song
"Remember Who We Are"
Darrell Branch Photography

Reunion Blues

For over 25 years, award winning songwriter Charlie Mosbrook has been dedicated to the performance, presentation, and preservation of original and traditional folk music. His rich baritone voice and noteworthy guitar work highlight his performances.
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"There’s a familiar comfortable feeling that comes over you  when you listen to the music of Charlie Mosbrook. The guy has a rich, worldly voice that sounds like it was broken in slowly, like a well-loved instrument."

 -No Depression

A Time Long Gone (Charlie Mosbrook)
The lead track “Up Among the Stars” leaps right out and invites you to settle in for more. The rest of album makes it a welcome invitation indeed.
 -Kelly Walker Sundilla Music

"There is something wonderful about being able to tell somebody by their voice... A distinctive voice, Sam Baker, John Prine, you know right away who they are... Charlie Mosbrook is that kind of singer."
Artie Martello -Mostly Folk

Woodyfest Songwriting contest 2nd Place winner
"Remember Who We Are"