Little By Little (2011)
Little By Little CD cover
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1. A Couple of Moments
2. Walking Ain't Easy
3. Dear Elijah
4. Coffee
5. The Irony of Egg Shells
6. Circ-Us
7. No Time
8. Ask Twice
9. Nothing to Lose
10. Don't Blink
11. Catnipped
12. Who Here Will Lead Us
13. Little By Little
14. Up On My Feet
All Songs written and performed by Charlie Mosbrook
Drums on “Coffee” by David “The Young Professor” Cowan
Photography-Nina DeRubertis / Cover Design Heidi Rolfe

The music assembled on this CD celebrates Charlie Mosbrook's unwavering determination to overcome adversity. An Ironman triathlete and marathoner, Charlie has never backed down from a challenge, and no challenge has been greater than his recovery from a debilitating spinal cord injury diagnosed and operated on in early 2010. Along with this life-changing experience came a burst of creativity that led to most of the songs presented in this collection

   These recordings retain the simplicity, honesty, and passion of the live performances. Recipient of the 2011 “Best Singer Songwriter” award from the readers of Cleveland Scene magazine, Charlie's use of guitars, vocals, banjo, mandolin, bass, and occasionally drums stays true to traditional American folk music styles. Blending the creative process available in the recording studio with simple, well thought out arrangements, this collection highlights the strength of Charlie's deeply insightful, honest (and sometimes whimsical) songwriting.

Cleveland Heights recognition of Charlie Mosbrook CD Little By Little