Something To Believe (2013)
 SomeThing To Believe CD Charlie Mosbrook

   There’s a familiar comfortable feeling that comes over you when you listen to the music of Charlie Mosbrook. The guy has a rich, worldly voice that sounds like it was broken in slowly, like a well-loved instrument.
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Folk Alley Featured song November 2013
 "Something To Believe"

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May 25, 2013
The Midnight Special
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"Upon hearing “Something to Believe” by singer-songwriter Charlie Mosbrook, I was struck by the confident yet melodic sound of his singing voice."
-Devin Grant
Charleston Scene

" Modest yet exquisite songs.
Anastasia Pantsios
Cool Cleveland

"It's a testament to his talent that Mosbrook, a veteran on the local folk-rock scene who became a quadriplegic in 2010, sounds this inspired"
-Jeff Niesel
Cleveland Scene Magazine

"The instrumentation here really echoes  Blake and Hartford, on songs like “Hand Me Down My Walking Cane,” “Something to Believe,”
Robert Loss
Heavy Feather Review

 "I hope that he gets around to making ten more albums, if they display this level of quality."
Buzzard Tracks: Northeast Ohio Music News and Reviews

"It's a terrific CD, which I for one will be playing on my show. Charlie's got one of those husky, well-travelled voices which wears very well indeed.
-John McLaughlin
(Roots & Wings Radio, WMUC-FM)

"These are great songs and lovely performances"
  Jimmy Wilson
 WRUW (Feb 09, 2013)
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 I came to folk music by way of the singer-songwriter genre of my childhood. I later discovered Woody, Dylan, and some recordings that Jerry Garcia had done later in life with David Grisman. There was a simple complexity to these performances that appealed to me in a way that nothing else ever had. Digging deeper I began to gravitate toward musicians like John Hartford, Norman Blake, and Doc Watson. Traditional folk music and instrumentation became far more relevant in my heart than any of the contemporary styles I was hearing in popular venues.
    With this record, I have written a collection of new songs for the 19th century. I am joined by an amazing group of musicians that have influenced me through the years. With them comes a sincere desire to pass these traditions onto generations to come.
    More than a reflection of the past, This music is a continued American experience.
The Songs
1. Something To Believe
2. A World Not Seen
3. Blame
4. Creepy
5. Shining Through
6. Erie Shore
7. Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
8. Listen To A Woman
9. Something To Lose
10. Crooked Stick
11. I Will Be Coming Home To You
12. January Sky

The Musicians
Charlie Mosbrook- guitar, bass, vocals
Bill Lestock- fiddle, mandolin, guitar (4, 7, 8)
Avin Loki Baird- guitar, vocals (2, 3,11,12)
Shelby Lynn Sangdahl- cello (2, 4, 5, 12)
Cindy Langmack- vocals (4, 9, 12)
Matt Harmon- guitar, vocals (10)
Greg Alan Reese- banjo (1, 5, 9)
Steev Inglish- harmonica (1,11)
J. Scott Franklin- trumpet (12)
Abbey Blake- vocals (3, 5, 8)
Xe La- bass, vocals (1)
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Dedicated to the memories of :
John Kuegeler
 Chris Salkin
Seth Rosen
Chuck Marquardt