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Together Alone announcement

Together Alone is a collection of songs written during the pandemic of 2020/2021
  1. Together Alone
  2. Sillhouette in Blue
  3. Considering the Weather
  4. Communication Age
  5. 1080 (FullHD)
  6. May We Never Forget
  7. It's Been a Long Year
  8. Two O'clock (The Insurrection)
  9. The Joy of Seeing You Smile
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 Let me simply say that this recording has not left the player in my car since I got it last week.... simplicity, poetry, heart and craft... the essence of folk music is here... I am so proud to call Charlie Mosbrook my friend...   you should purchase this collection of songs... you won't be sorry!!! - Alex Bevan

The best folk music is shared events wrapped in melody and lyric that wraps you in its arms so you can sing along. This was not the CD Charlie Mosbrook intended, such is music and pandemics. He had hoped to put out something a little more produced but that became impossible when the pandemic pushed us all indoors and alone. that being said this is the CD that chronicles Charlie's year and, in so doing, our own. It is comfort food for those emerging from the dank, darkness of ourselves and telling us it is going to be alright.

Right from the first tune, Together Alone, and the title, it lets us know he gets where we've been, Together Alone connected by phones, tablets, sheltered in place, in quarantine with the whole human race. It gives us our starting point. Silhouette in Blue is a sad love tune, that, though is not pandemic based, eases us like the train exiting the station, into a genuinely fine album. Charlie's voice is soothing and the songs simple so as not to take too much away from the lyric content, something I always find refreshing. Let the words come through, don't bury them in overproduction and these lyrics deserve the attention. Considering the Weather is a fave because it is a little quirky, praying for better for you and me. Yeah, I like a clever lyric. Communication Age inspects the communication difficulties of two people with too many ways to talk and none of them succeeding and 1080 continues his social commentary. I don't want to forget May We Never Forget and It's Been a Long Year where hope is born once again but with a caution to remember. No one can save us except ourselves. This ultimately leads to Two O'Clock a wonderful take on those who would destroy our democracy, old glory, and a sad and stupid story. But my ultimate favorite is the ninth and final song, The Joy of Seeing You Smile. this is the true reward for having survived and reentered humanity. It is the smile, the joy. It is life and Mr. Mosbrook has captured it all without banging us over the head or being preachy, just the facts, ma'am, just the facts. It is a lovely album, reassuring, comforting, and filled with today and tomorrow while taking a relieved peak at last year. Just wonderful. Highly recommend for those with heart and soul.  -Charlie Weiner

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