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The Songs of Charlie Mosbrook
A musical collaborative
Alan Grandy
As the founder of Sound of the Sea records he produced the 1991 compilation CD "They Showered Us With Beads and Flowers". Alan performs a hauntingly beautiful "Erie Shore" the same song from his critically acclaimed compilation.
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Dave Michelson
Winner of the Free Times Open Mic Awards. in 1998. Dave became a regular at the open mics in Mentor and around Coventry. During the late 90's Dave was known as one of the most powerful performers in the area. Originally from Painesville Ohio, Dave now raises children in South Carolina.
Erika Carey
Joining Robert Loss and Jim Volk on the song "Sing Out", this Columbus area musician adds a beautiful harmony and accordian that can be heard through out her own music.

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Alice Moss
As a member of Hal Walkers Peace Choir, Alice was asked to add harmonies to Hal's recording of "Walk Tonight"Alice is currently teaching and studying yoga in Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Rob Covert

As the leader of the New Roddiks, Rob won the first annual open mic awards. As a performer he draws on a rich foundation of theatre and musical arrangement. Preparation and execution are a hallmark of this entertainer.
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Carlos Jones

As one of this regions most popular performers during the past 3 decades, Carlos is best known for the graciousness of his soul. Kindness, joy and celebration describe his music and person.

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Matt Harmon
Had his first public performance at the Coventry Arabica open mic at the age of eighteen.  a lifetime later he is grateful for that first time.... With tasty finger work, Matt performs "Anywhere Else But Here" with the pure voice of a story teller.
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John Mcgrail
A regular performer at the Barking Spider since it opened, John is best known for his haunting melodic voice and ability to draw every organic and electric tone from his instruments. To create a sonic wonderland.

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Jim Volk

One of the most gifted, innovative and inspired guitarist anywhere,. Jim helped to produce the Robert Loss production of "Sing Out". His slide guitar work on this song is unmistakable and brilliant.

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Andy Cohen

One of the driving forces in the Kent Folk Festival. Andy's influence is rich through out northeast ohio keeping traditional fingerstyle blues alive. Currently Andy is picking in Memphis. This past year
he returned for the Kent Folk Fest.
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Xe La
His energy was brilliant when he was young and out of control. Absolute freedom without boundary in every aspect of his being. Today his mantra remains the same. In his recording of "Shotgun" with Charlie on guitar, you can sense the deep mutual Luv and friendship.
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Larkin Bryant

Keeping traditional music alive thru her Riverlark record label.  Larkin Joins Andy Cohen and
Aaron C Smith adds a great oldtimey feel to the song "Roxanne"

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Aaron C Smith
Active in the Cleveland open mic scene during the mid 90's, Aaron relocated to Memphis where he became a student of Andy Cohen. Aaron teams with his teacher and Larkin on the song Roxanne with a strong yet calm vocal.
GEN-ERIC has been working with Charlie with production guidance and assistance. Always a regular sax and bass player around the open mic scene. . Eric conjures memories of the late night jams following the show with his take on "Becky's Ballet"
Nicky English

One of the best songwriters to come along in years. Nicky turns a very simple folk tune into 21st century dance remix with "little by Little". Skillfully produced, his playful yet soulful sorrow rips thru you, making this production work.
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Morgan Mecaskey
Known mostly with her band Tinamou, Morgan is a shining star and pure heart. Her abilities and feel for music
are well beyond her years. She takes on "Communication Age" with all the tenderness in her heart.

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Hal Walker
Recently voted Cleveland's best original musician by a Scene Magazine poll. Hal's commitment to community and peace through music is paralleled by his talents as a musician and performer. His tender gospel take on "Walk Tonight" lifts the spirit... Hal does that.

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Avin L Baird
An already accomplished musician in the NE, Avin returned to Cleveland to help develop the folk revival going on. As a musician, artist and luthier, Avin is on a higher plane. Her recording is of a song she had performed on 20 years earlier while Mosbrook stole guitar and life lessons from her
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Robert Loss
Thoughtful and passionate. Robert Loss spent the late nineties performing throughout the Cleveland area. Humble and unassuming, he takes the listener by total surprise as he reaches an emotional depth rarely seen in a performer. His cover of "Sing Out" demonstrates this.
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Tim Brennan and Becca Bessinger

As the bass player for Mosbrook's  former band the Electric Monkey, Tim is as familiar with these songs as any one. Now living in South Carolina, Tim joins his current bandmate with a recording of "Awakened to the Rain"

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Linda & Kevin Roy

Linda and Kevin Roy's band Jehova Waitresses was one of the better bands of the 90's. They appeared on "They Showered us With Beads and Flowers".
They perform "We Ain't Got Much Time"

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Jay Bentoff

As the owner of Dark Tree Studio, Jay has been responsible for many of the best recordings to come out of this  community. Not to be overlooked is Jay's own talent as a musician and songwriter.

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