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The Songs of Charlie Mosbrook
A musical collaborative
This page is dedicated to the many folks that were a instrumental in supporting the folk and acoustic music scene in Cleveland over the past 20 years with out instruments. To these folks we say...
Thank You!
Larry Brunner/ Jim Blum/Martin and Jenna from the Spider/
Sarah Wilson Jones/ Carl Jones/ Dan Levinson/ Jim Ballard/ Cindy Barber/ Peter Smakula of Goose Acres/ Woodsy's of Kent/ Tom Simpson/ Bonny Graham Esparza /Jim Clevo/ David Reich/ Marvin Shwartz/ Chuck Diamond/ Gitter Picker of Stow/ Jay Bentoff/ Peter Goldsmith/ Dewey Forward/ Pam Georgiana/ Kevin Rahilly/ Gen-Eric/ Doug Wood/ Veronica Darby/ Uncle Fred/ Regis Sedlak/ Chris Nekvinda/ Cousin Jimmy Wilson/ Tom Ball/ Dave Rice/ Corinne Henahan/ Kevin Hoffman/ Doug Horner/ Kevin Richards/ Julie, Bobby and Totty from the Root/ Brian Henke/ Hestler/ Alan Grandy/ Tim Smith/ Chris Solt

Also to the many open mic hosts over the years, most notably:
Gary Hall/Will Cheshire/Charley Brown/Tim Wallace/Xe La/Charlie Mosbrook/Jim Snively

These musicians have dedicated their careers to promoting music and those that play it by doing what few in the music industry ever do: they put everyone else first. These hosts do more than set up the sound, introduce the acts, and step up when the show needs a lift or a great finale. These are the teachers of the craft. Through encouragement, critique, understanding, and the every now and then ego check, they help to make the experience of performance an enjoyable and rewarding activity. For the host the greatest reward is the success of others.

 Charlie would also like to thank his parents Elaine and Joe Mosbrook,
whose influence, belief, and care can not go without recognition.
Also to Nicole Kropiwnicki-Haun and the rest of the staffs at MetroHealth Cleveland and the Cleveland Clinic
 for getting him back up on his feet again.

Dedicated to the memory of
Matin Juredine, John Bassette, Peter Goldsmith, Gary Wells, Cousin Dave Wilson, Jessie Glorioso, Peter Smakula, Farrah Dawn White, Obie Bray, Daniel Thompson, Bill Cogan, Aaron Kelly, Tim Calhoun

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