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The Songs of Charlie Mosbrook
A musical collaborative

"Walk Tonight"
Hal Walker-vocals, guitar, arrangement
Alice Moss- Vocals
engineered by Charlie Mosbrook

"Sing Out"
Robert Loss-Guitar,vocal, percussion
Jim Volk-Guitars,mandolin
Erika carey-Accordian, vocals
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"Communication Age"
Morgan Mecaskey-Vocals, guitar, engineering
"Awakened to the Rain"
Tim Brennan-Bass, drums, keyboards, engineering
Becca Bessinger-Vocals
Bryn Wilson-Guitar
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"Feed My Soul"
Carlos Jones-Guitar, bass, drums, percussion, vocals, keyboards, engineering
"Empty Sky"
Avin L Baird-vocals, guitar, arrangement
 engineered by Charlie Mosbrook

Xe La-Vocals
Charlie Mosbrook-Guitar, engineering

Jay Bentoff-Guitars, vocals, engineering

"Who Here Will Lead Us"
John McGrail-Guitars, vocals, engineering
Andy Cohen-Guitars
Larkin Bryant-Vocals
Aaron C Smith-Vocals, Guitar
 Matt Isbell-engineering

"Angel on a Train"
Rob Covert-Arrangement, guitars, vocals
David Krauss-Harmonica
Jeffrey McConoch-Producer, engineer/
Brandon Goldstein-Engineer
Recorded at Abydos Studios
"Anywhere Else But Here"
Matt Harmon-Guitars, vocals, engineering
"Erie Shore"
Alan Grandy-Guitars, vocals, engineering
Jay Bentoff-Engineering
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Brian SugentMatt GuzdaLinda and Kevin Roy
"We Ain't Got Much Time"
Kevin Roy-Guitar
Linda Roy-Vocals
Brian Sugent-bass/ Matt Guzda-drums, backing vocals

"Little By Little"
Nicky English- Vocals, arrangement, production
"Stranded in Chicago"
Dave Michelson-Guitar, Vocals
"Becky's Ballet"
GEN-ERIC- Sax, steel drum, drum, bass
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